The committee is excited to present to you a flexible “build your own” sponsorship package (for example, including exhibitor booths) with innovative options. Through sponsorship, you will gain exposure and recruiting potential by gathering with high-quality scientists, many of whom are early in their careers, as well as supporting science on pressing issues facing society today.

About CSEE

CSEE was founded in 2006 as a not-for-profit society, aimed at elevating scientific achievements by Canadian researchers, building community, and facilitating communication between scientists and decision makers in the public, private, and non-governmental sectors. CSEE members, including those at UBC, have helped solve critical problems facing Canada and the world, for example, pollinator declines, heat dome effects on ecosystem health, covid-19 control, among many more. CSEE members have won some of science’s most prestigious prizes, including the Crafoord Prize and a MacArthur ‘genius’ grant. Today CSEE serves over 600-900 members annually, the majority of which are students. These students go on to a diversity of careers, including academia, industry, and government.


About the 2024 Meeting

We expect next year’s meeting to be one of the largest yet, with over 700 expected attendees (>600 attended CSEE 2023 in Winnipeg). This meeting will feature three days of academic talks, including plenary speakers, poster sessions with exhibitors, hands-on workshops for students, field trips to Vancouver landmarks, awards ceremonies, and social events (i.e., student mixers, trivia night, a closing banquet).


Sponsorship Packages


How it works

We offer flexible “build-your-own” sponsorship packages, recognizing that some organizations prefer to send funds in exchange for acknowledgement, whereas others would prefer to receive specific benefits that maximize exposure and engagement with meeting attendees (e.g., exhibitor booths) - download the CSEE List of Sponsorship Options. Our “build-your-own” sponsorship packages can flexibly accommodate both kinds of sponsorship.

Summing together the total $ amount of support across all sponsorship options (see list below) will determine the overall sponsorship level assigned to your organization, to be listed on our meeting website + in-meeting signage. In addition to the benefits associated with each sponsorship option, Premiere sponsors will appear on our meeting’s landing page, whereas all sponsors will be listed on a separate sponsorship page. Premiere et Platinum sponsors will be formally acknowledged by organizers in the meeting’s opening and closing remarks. The six levels of sponsorship with minimum contributions include*:

  • Premiere: ≥$15k
  • Platinum: ≥$10k
  • Gold: ≥$5k
  • Silver: ≥$2k
  • Bronze: ≥$1k
  • Supporter: <$1k


*Pricing may increase after September,15 2023.


How to reserve an option

Please fill out the attached order form and email it in to csee.2024@ubc.ca with ‘sponsorship’ in the subject line. Payments can be made by mailing in a cheque (see the order form for specific instructions).

Des questions?

For further information on the society, please visit csee-scee.ca. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up with Rachel Germain by phone (604-785-5965) or e-mail (rgermain@zoology.ubc.ca) at your convenience.